Home office organization ideas: 10 ways to a neat space

One of the biggest challenges people face when working from home is keeping their home office organized and space free of clutter. Having an organized desk can be especially challenging if your home office is in a small or shared space. DIY storage solutions, desk organizers and minimalist ideas to inspire your home office setup, regardless of its size. It’s pretty easy to feel disorganized if you have plenty of paperwork piling on your desk.

home office organization tips

There’s a chance you won’t be able to paint your walls or drill holes so you can hang up large picture frames. Think about your home insurance and whether or not your current plan covers an outbuilding. You might need to contact your insurance provider and let them know about items of value stored in your office. Many households will have the internet router set up behind the TV in the living room. If that’s the case, you’re more likely to get a speedy internet connection while using a laptop in the same room.

What is the best way to organize a home office?

If you like your organization to match your decor, decorative boxes are a great choice. You can leave them open so it’s easy to get to things you frequently use or put the lid on them to hide less used items. Lamps can help reduce eye strain and help brighten up your workspace. For desks with limited space, consider adding a floor lamp instead near your workspace.

We can’t say enough about reclaiming vertical space – especially in the form of practical shelving ideas. If you’re worried about drilling into the wall when your home office might not be a permanent fixture in the house, don’t be. This cozy corner is perfect for installing a floating desk and shelving and, a contemporary pegboard to hook keys and the bits we might find in ‘that’ junk cupboard. Essentially the overall objective of smashing your home office organization goals is to maximize your home office storage opportunities that will work for you. Using individual containers to organize your office drawers allows you to set up the configuration for your drawer that best meets your needs. You can find containers at your local stores or order them online to best fit the measurements of your drawers.

How can I decorate my home office?

If you can place a calendar on your wall it helps you in keeping a better eye on your planning requirements. You will get better results from having this calendar such as better efficiency and you are more likely to be in control of the work time. Join me as I share simple home office tips recipes, cleaning tips that really work, quick crafts, and thrifty home décor ideas. If you can, find yourself a memo board that’s part corkboard and part whiteboard. It will make life much simpler as you’ll be able to jot a quick message or pin a note to the board.

  • Your desk might need to double as a dressing or bedside table if the room is also needed for visitors.
  • Consider using removable hooks or velcro to hang lighter things on your wall that can be removed without any damage to your walls when you’re ready for a change.
  • From piles of paperwork and photos to infrequently used supplies, stay organized with colorful document boxes that double as decor.

This is why you need home office organization ideas to make your place fun to work and be more productive. You’ll be able to store all your office needs in the cabinets or on the shelves. Plus you can customize the cabinets and shelves to fit the space in your office and to meet your family’s needs (3). Every home office should have a set of shelves on the office wall. The shelves will hold books, magazines, and binders to help keep you organized. Home offices come with quite a bit of equipment you need to keep organized.

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